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All Types of Demolition

ACM+ has extensive experience with all categories of demolition services. We handle standard residential, commercial demolitions and even large scale industrial projects that require sophisticated removal of hazardous elements an materials.

Modern & Certified

We utilize modern and certified equipment to ensure efficiency and complete removal of hazardous materials if needed. We are OSHA certified and knowledgeable with LEED regulations  and are proactive in actualizing our knowledge and evolving our methods as the industry evolves itself!

Our Commitment 

We are committed to satisfactory result for all of projects wether modest or large scale. Please contact us right away for a free estimate!



  • Building Inspection / Assessment (AHERA)
  • Asbestos Management Programs
  • Abatement Design & Construction Management
  • AHERA Three Year Re-Inspections
  • Abatement Project Oversight, Air Monitoring & Management
  • Abatement site Air Clearance Testing
  • Asbestos Trainig
  • Operations And Maintenance (O & M) Program Development



  • Lead Based Paint Inspections
  • XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) & Paint Chip Testing
  • Abatement Project Design & Specifictions
  • Abatement Project Management & Monitoring
  • Post Abatement Inspections & Clearance Testing
  • Operations & Maintenance (O & M) program Development



  • Building Surveys
  • Air/Tape/Bulk Sampling
  • Remediation Recommendations
  • Abatement Project Management & Monitoring
  • Post Abatement Inspections and Monitoring
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